Since 1949, we have been designing image clothing for renowned brands, spanning hotels, airlines, restaurants, clubs, and corporations.

© Four Seasons, Kuwait
© Four Seasons, Kuwait

We are a full-service company

covering all of our clients’ needs, from initial uniform design through to final production. Our unwavering commitment to quality is the driving force behind everything we do – from the clothing we make to the environment of collaboration we foster.

We are passionate about quality

We adhere to the 9001:2000 quality management system throughout all areas of our business to ensure we meet the highest International standards of safety, reliability and product construction. Quality in product and service is paramount to our organization.

We work closely with our clients

with a made to order approach that allows us to tailor the perfect outcome for each project. The end result is a framework that guarantees customer satisfaction every time. We understand that every client is unique and that is reflected in our business model.


To us, wardrobe design is a matter of brand experience. We understand that every touch point within your organization, from your corporate website to your staff’s telephone manner, tells your customers something about your philosophy and values. Image clothing is a crucial part of this communication. So, as image and identity consultants, our mission is to get every last detail right for our clients.

At Emile Rassam, we pride ourselves on creating unique designs that define distinctive style and make a lasting impression. We are passionate about delivering on our values of superior quality and creativity, attention to detail, and excellence in service.


We believe in making a positive impact on the community and environment in which we operate. At Emile Rassam, we are committed to:

Supporting our people: We have a code of conduct that protects our people and their working environment, and fosters professional growth.

Raising the bar: Our focus on quality means we are constantly striving to improve our products by using safer, more sustainable materials.

Saving energy and reducing waste: As an ethically conscious company that is governed by ISO standards, we are involved in reduction, recycling and energy-saving initiatives.

Providing much-needed assistance to eligible individuals: We created the Emile Rassam Foundation to provide scholarships to selected individuals wanting to go the extra mile in education, and financial assistance for exceptional medical procedures..